Glenn Beck Israel Trip

For many years I have carried a burden for America because I have a clear vision of how our nation can be transformed so that both economic prosperity and national security can be restored. The solution is very simple, and it is through the ministry of the Word and prayer. These two incredible power generators of the kingdom of God were clearly seen at work in the early church.
Glenn Beck: Restoring Courage In Israel Tour
Many people often wonder why the church in the book of acts had such incredible power to manifest heavenly realities on Earth. The answer is, through the ministry of the Word and prayer. When the first apostles began experiencing a power outage due to being too busy, they appointed deacons to help with practical matters and devoted themselves to the ministry of the Word and prayer. They understood that the reason that the power they were experiencing was waning was because these two ministries were being neglected. Once they devoted themselves again to the ministry of the Word and prayer, that power was restored. In Hebrews Chapter 11 we are told that one of the things that the heroes of faith did was administer justice among the nations (NIV).This is something we so desperately need today.

I am fully convinced that these two great ministries have the potential to administer such justice as well as to heal all of the problems facing the world today. The ministry of the Word works to align people with divine order. Such order has a practical impact on real life. For God’s word teaches us not to steal, not to murder, not to bear false witness and to love even our enemies. Such teachings are what Scriptures refer to as doctrines which accord with godliness. When such teachings are not simply philosophical, but I lived out in real life, they are transformational to society. Their impact would be revolutionary even in matters such as interpersonal relationships, for they would create a context of trust rather than distrust and therefore allow people to freely relate to one another and enjoy such relationships.

The ministry of prayer is what gives power to the ministry of the Word. Without prayer, all of our vision for transformation lacks the ability to become a reality. There are many believers who have caught a vision of what the world would be if we were to walk in obedience to the kingdom of God, yet only through prayer the such a vision become a reality.

This is why Glenn Beck is an inspiration to me. I discovered that when he promotes a book, it immediately becomes an Amazon bestseller. In recent months Glenn Beck has been calling people to prayer. I have also committed many years of my life to calling people to prayer, yet I would be willing to bet that Glenn Beck has actually inspired more people to pray than I have. This made me realize that there is an incredible responsibility upon those who know the truth of God’s word to diligently use all of the means available to publish such truth to the world in ways that can actually make a tangible kingdom impact.

We are living in a time where we desperately need leaders to arise who can lead the nations out of spiritual, moral and economic bondage into the liberty which is fit for those created in the image of God. The only way that this can happen is if the good seed of God’s word can be sown into the lives of people who so desperately need it. This is why people like Glenn Beck and others who have risen in the industry of television, radio and entertainment industries are in a position to affect such positive change if they were all to sow good seed.

We have an incredible opportunity to bring the blessings of righteousness to the nations if we could learn how to work as a team to sow God’s Word into society using the incredible means of modern technology which are available. For God’s Word is a light which illuminates the darkness and sets the prisoners free. The world dying for solutions to the problems which are destroying it, and due to the lack of a clear and unified voice from the church pointing to the Way of such salvation, people are often willing to follow any false Messiah which promises salvation. People will cry, “Karl Marx, come and save us”, since in the vacuum created by the church’s silence, Marx’s disciples have marketed his false religion as a messiah. It is time that we make clear the vision that every problem that humanity faces is a result of man rejecting the government of God, and that we labor together to call people back to the only tried and true way of salvation. Such salvation is not simply pie in the sky when we die, but a real and practical deliverance from our current social, moral and economic tribulations.

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